Aspen ATX200G

AtX200G-single-product-feature (1)Aspen’s ATX200G dual-band in, 978 MHz out ADS-B transceiver + GPS is a solution for aircraft that have a Mode A/C transponder (or Mode S without Extended Squitter) and no ADS-B compatible GPS installed. The ATX200G is a certified solution and is compatible with Aspen Evolution PFDs and MFDs.

System benefits:

Access to ADS-B subscription-free weather and traffic for your Aspen display.

Meeting the FAA ADS-B out mandate with this solution*:

With your existing Mode A/C transponder (or Mode S without ES) installed, plus the ATX200G, you will meet the mandate below 18,000’.

*Note: Although an unlikely combination, if your aircraft has a Mode S with ES transponder and no WAAS GPS installed, the ATX200G meets the ADS-B compatible GPS requirement. In this scenario you would meet the mandate at any altitude.