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Aircraft Weighing

Aircraft Weighing

Need a physical weight and balance or just want to know what your aircraft really weighs? Cincinnati Avionics is FAA certified to weigh aircraft.

Latest Technology

Latest Technology

Our test bench is equipped with the latest testing technology. Whether installing a new radio or testing an old one, we have the tools to do the job.

Precision Metal Panels

Precision Metal Panels

Gone are the days of avionics shops hacking holes in aircraft panels. Cincinnati Avionics utilizes the latest in Vertical Milling Technology and Computer Aided Design to precisely manufacture or modify instrument panels.

Wiring Diagrams

Wiring Diagrams

Providing more than just an installation, Cincinnati Avionics supplies the documentation, wiring diagrams and after sale support to ensure that all installations and future service are trouble free.

Visit Us

We would be happy to show you our facility and answer any questions you have in person. We are located right on the runway at the Clermont County Airport (I69) in Batavia, OH, just east of Cincinnati.

Monday – Friday 0800-1730
Weekends by Appointment

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Your work on my airplane was highly complimented by the owner of [my avionics shop] and his ace installer… he said, “There are things I can learn from this installation.”

John Powers

The radios sound awesome. No noise at all. Now I know a great avionics shop!

Frank Hughes

Greg was OUTSTANDING during the entire process running down questions and helping ensure I could maximize the capability/utility of the equipment being installed.  I hope your guys are as proud of the panel as I am.

Craig Cady

I wanted to let you know everyone associated with the install of my Garmin SL40 was outstanding and demonstrated the highest level of customer service… My wife even commented how professional and nice everyone was, and the fact that the hangar was spotless!

Eddie Lerer