Flightline Systems

The AuRACLE CRM2100 is a dual-box networked system. The system’s Engine Interface Unit (EIU) is mounted on the engine-side of the firewall. All engine sensors connect directly to the EIU. The engine data is communicated on a true aerospace network via a CAN bus to the Display Unit (DU).

From the EIU, the supplied communications connects to a single bulkhead connector at the firewall. A second supplied communications cable is connected from the firewall to the DU. This networked system reduces wire runs, thereby significantly reducing installation costs and is very advantageous for pressurized aircraft. The AuRACLE CRM2100 networked system architecture allows for future expansion to communicate with other networked engine monitoring products.

System Standard Functions:

  • Four or Six Cylinder EGT / CHT
  • MAP, RPM, FF
  • Oil Temperature, Oil Pressure
  • Vacuum or Instrument Pressure
  • Outside Air Temp (OAT)
  • Voltage/Ammeter
  • Fuel Computer
  • %HP and Actual HP (calculated)
  • “Tach” Time
  • GPS Interface
  • Programmable warnings/cautions
  • USB programming
  • Flight Data logging (150 Hrs. 1 Sample/2 Sec)
  • Flight Data Transfer via USB (drive included)
  • Logical Pilot Interface
  • SmartLean ™ Intuitive Leaning Process
  • ALL functions certified PRIMARY replacement
  • EGView ™ personal edition included with unit!
  • Wiring harness and probes included


Optional Functions:

  • TIT – Turbine Inlet Temperature
  • Fuel Pressure
  • Carburetor Temperature
  • IAT – Induction Air Temperature
  • CDT – Compressor Discharge Temperature